Vets Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions, or require a more detailed explanation of any of the questions above, then please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team via e-mail using [email protected] or telephone 0800 612 5289. The regional delivery partners can be contacted via the regional details available within the Regions panel for your area.

Can I abandon a test? If so, what do I do?

You may abandon a test on health and safety grounds, this is down to the discretion of the OV. If a test is abandoned a test abandonment form must be completed and returned to [email protected]. Or alternatively, when filling the task completion on TOM, select the check box to indicate that the test involved an ‘incident’. Upon receipt of either of these; we will send an email with an incident report and/or an injury form to the registered TB contact email. Furthermore, we will contact the practice by phone within five days of receiving notification.

What is an EEOV?

The EEOV has responsibility for professional governance of veterinary standards and service quality within the practice. They will also assure the Delivery Partner that the supplier practice will abide by the relevant policies and procedures associated with the contract. An EEOV may be able to discharge these responsibilities for more than one business. This must be by agreement with the Senior OV for the region.

Why do I need to log into FarmInsights to speak to UK Farmcare?

The Authority require that we have processes in place to ensure that any practice has been selected by a farmer to handle their Government work. In order for us to share information relating to a specific holding with veterinary practices we now have an two-step authentication process in place. Each practice has a unique log in for FarmInsights. Upon logging onto the website, when you hover over contact a drop down appears; "request keeper details", click on this. Then on the next screen click on "request support code". A six digit code will appear which can be quoted over the telephone and which will allow UK Farmcare to verify the practice from which you are calling and therefore, your right to hear details relating to a specific holding.

How do we add people to SAM and TOM?

To add someone onto SAM you will need to contact the APHA and request that a new user is created. To add someone onto TOM, you will need to contact UK Farmcare. We can add admin members over the phone or by email. To add an OV, two forms will need completing; a Registration form and the Certificate of Readiness. The OV will need an RCVS and SP number and to be registered with Improve International.

A farmer wants to change veterinary practice, what do we do?

If a farmer wishes to change their veterinary practice, they should contact UK Farmcare directly themselves, or ask their vet practice to contact UK Farmcare, in order to request a change in preference form. We will then send a form by post to the individual farmer’s registered address. This form will need to be completed and returned before we are able to contact the previous and proposed practices for consent for the change. Upon receiving consent from both practices, the Regional UKFC Director is emailed for the Region’s approval. If approved, UKFC will contact the farmer and practices to advise of completion of the change.

What do we do if a farmer is not responding to our communication attempts and we are unable to book a test?

UK Farmcare procedures ask that your Practice try to contact a holding on a minimum of three occasions. Each of these attempts will need to be recorded somewhere in your practice. Contact can include phone calls, emails or letters. We recommend that the final communication attempt is made by letter such that the Practice can discharge further responsibility for making a timely test arrangement.