Our Admin Team

Courtney Hubbart – Administration Manager and Audit Coordinator

Courtney joined UK Farmcare in December 2017. After growing up on a dairy and beef farm and working on dairy farms, she felt it was time for a change. Courtney’s main role is dealing with on farm Health and Safety as well as providing general office support.


Outside of work, Courtney enjoys her two horses, Ben and BFG, specifically taking them on fun rides and doing cross country with them. Courtney also loves spending time with her Cocker Spaniel called Lexi.

Alex Harper – Administrator

Alex joined UK Farmcare in December 2021. As part of his role, Alex is responsible for the monthly invoices for UK Farmcare. They include the standard Tuberculosis testing of Bovine and Non-Bovine animals, Service B and avian flu surveillance.


In his spare time, Alex has a keen interest in IT which he hopes to build while at the company. He also enjoys following his favourite sports teams: Birmingham City FC and Warwickshire Cricket Club.

Emma Britton – Administrator

Emma joined UK Farmcare in November 2020. After studying at an Agricultural college for 3 years, She had grown a keen interest in the dairy industry. Emma’s main role is processing of new suppliers as well as providing general office support.


Outside of work, Emma help’s her dad who is a Greyhound Trainer, Breeder who travels around the UK taking them racing. Emma also helps her partner with his Farm Machinery business. She also loves spending time with her Labrador called Blondie.

Joanne Taylor – Administrator

Joanne joined UK Farmcare in November 2021, having over 20 years of administrative experience in varying industries.  Her main roles include Audit Data, KPI’s, Non-Bovine test tracking and overseeing the OV data.


In her leisure time Joanne is kept busy with Foggy her border collie and enjoys being a member of a local amateur dramatics society where she can be seen either treading the boards or working behind the scenes.

Becky Birch – Administrator

Jared Allen – Administrator

Jared Joined UK Farmcare in June 2022 after working within the retail packaging industry for 7 years. His main roles include managing the Dead Wild Bird Collection Service, Audit Data Management and OV Data.


In his spare time Jared keeps busy following his favourite sports team Liverpool FC; but he also enjoys cooking and boxing to keep fit.