Our Admin Team

Courtney Hubbart – Administration Manager and Audit Coordinator

Courtney joined UK Farmcare in December 2017 and after spending almost five years within the administration team, she now manages this team alongside the audit co-ordination. Her background was in farming, having helped on the family dairy and beef farm for many years and working with other livestock businesses.

Courtney enjoys her time outside of work to go for leisurely walks with her dog and to ride her horses.

Alex Harper – Administrator

Alex joined UK Farmcare in December 2021. As part of his role, Alex is responsible for the monthly invoices for UK Farmcare. They include the standard Tuberculosis testing of Bovine and Non-Bovine animals, Service B and avian flu surveillance.


In his spare time, Alex has a keen interest in IT which he hopes to build while at the company. He also enjoys following his favourite sports teams: Birmingham City FC and Warwickshire Cricket Club.

Becky Birch – Administrator

Su Stewardson – Administrator

Steph Hubbart – Administrator