All TB testing and other Official Veterinarian (OV) work in England is arranged via five regional supply companies who are responsible for allocating work to local vets and ensuring that testing is carried out to a high standard of quality. This helps to assure all concerned of the ongoing quality of testing for animal disease.


All Delivery Partners in England are owned and run by independent farm animal veterinary practices; all of whom are firmly rooted in their local, rural communities. They undertake a significant proportion of the TB testing work in their respective geographic areas and they work alongside other veterinary practices to carry out TB testing and other Government veterinary tasks thus ensuring continuity of service for farmers.


Although all holdings have been allocated a veterinary provider for their TB testing, with sufficient notice, farmers can request an alternative veterinary practice to attend their farm. In most circumstances such preferences can be easily accommodated.


Every farmer has the option to ‘opt-out’ of free Government testing provision and to make their own private arrangements with the vet of their choice. In these circumstances, it is important to notify the APHA so that your chosen vet can be allocated the work.


To learn more about the delivery of TB testing services in your area contact UK Farmcare through our contact us page or you can call 0800 6125289 to speak to a member of the UK Farmcare team.