Quality Policy


The management and staff of XL Farmcare UK Limited are fully committed to the provision of quality assured, consistent and cost-effective delivery systems for livestock health management services and in particular, bovine tuberculosis (TB) surveillance, which takes due account of relevant legislation, animal health and welfare, customer requirements and the need to maintain high levels of national confidence with regard to services and the assurance that outcomes are valid and reliable.


All staff shall be made aware of this policy, and commit to fully comply with its requirements


The implementation of BS EN ISO 9001 throughout the organisation will serve as a framework for the achievement of this vision and ensure continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system.


Quality Objectives

  • to ensure conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements through the effective application of this quality system
  • to enhance customer satisfaction through the application of associated procedures to review and improve the quality system
  • to effectively manage the availability of resources, information and training and development necessary to support the operation, monitoring and review of these processes