XL Farmcare UK Ltd is committed to good professional practice and the continual improvement of processes and services to achieve ongoing customer satisfaction. It is therefore our policy to:


•     Ensure, through our inspection processes, that quality testing services are provided that conform to our customer and regulatory requirements
•     Ensure that all personnel are competent and qualified for the tasks they perform, and that all personnel familiarise themselves with management system documentation in order to implement the policies and procedures in their work
•     Ensure, through our inspection processes, that we provide professional and effective services to produce accurate and precise results.
•     Consistently comply with ISO/IEC 17020 through compliance with the management system to ensure quality testing services, and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Management System
•     It is XL Farmcare UK Ltd’s goal to encourage active participation of all employees in quality planning and continual improvement efforts to meet all quality and service
•     Complying with all legal and other requirements that apply to the organisation’s operations
•     Determine, meet and where possible exceed the requirements of customers and other interested parties
•     Ensure the protection of customer confidential information and proprietary rights, including the electronic storage and transmission of results


XL Farmcare UK is currently not accredited for this standard.