Environmental Policy


The management and staff of XL Farmcare UK Limited are firmly committed to the policy and procedures contained in this document which details its compliance with applicable legal and other requirements preventing pollution and improving environmental performance.


XL Farmcare UK Limited recognises the need for sustainable development and to plan, implement, monitor review and evaluate its activities under the scope of this document so as to minimise resultant potential adverse effects on the environment.


XL Farmcare UK Limited takes matters concerning the environment very seriously. It aims to meet and where possible, exceed all relevant legal requirements that apply to its activities under the scope of this document.


The Directors of XL Farmcare UK Limited are fully committed to the EMS and will encourage employee environmental awareness and responsibility through staff training and development, communication and active participation.


The Directors of XL Farmcare UK Limited will include environmental consideration in their strategic planning thus ensuring adequate financial, human and physical resources are available to maintain and increase capacity to respond flexibly to revised environmental targets and changing legislation.


The Directors of XL Farmcare UK Limited will provide for effective use of resources by;

  • promoting the efficient use of resources, energy and fuel throughout the company‚Äôs operations
  • minimising waste by reusing or recycling resources as appropriate


XL Farmcare UK Limited will work closely with suppliers, sub-contractors and customers to publicise its commitment to environmental issues and to promote a joint approach to environmental impact reduction and continual improvement.


This environment policy will be reviewed on an annual basis unless circumstances dictate otherwise.